Q:- Hello, Please can we get to know you?
1. Name
2. School
3. Level
4. Faculty/department
5. Nationality
6. State of Origin
A:- 1. Ogunga Taiwo
2. University of Ilorin
3. 400 level
4. Anatomy
5 Nigerian of course 6.ondo state



Q:- Nature of business
A:- I sell cloths ,can’t call myself a fashion designer yet
Not just yet


Q:-How did og wears all begin?
A:- hmmmn, og wears started when I realized I was in love with cloths, and the brand was lunched on the 1st of April.


Q:- What is og wears all about??
A:- It’s about alot of things, but majorly casual wears, how to match cloths together , how to enjoy dressing, and also feeling special with what a person puts on, I always say this, No dress is Ugly, it’s about how you Rock it.


Q:- What or who influenced you to start og wears ?
A:- My mother is everything that moves Og wears, She z late, but she’z still all am about till date . I’d rather keep what influenced me to myself for now. Thank you😏


Q:- Your role models?
A:- Uhm, I’ve got jst three Role models, 1. Momma 2. J’cole the third is Will smith


Q:- was there ever a time you wanted to give up on of wears?
A:- Yes, but then, I realize it’s not about the gain, it’s bout the reason I started, and the plans and goals I set for myself. That drives me, whenever Im about to slack, I just snap back to the reason I got into this, there’s too much ahead to give up at this early stage, and besides, nothing good comes easy.


Q:- Are you in a relationship??
A:- Yes I am

Q:- This is a list of female celebrities, which of them will you take home to mama, have a one night stand with or have all day with her.

1. Genevieve nnaji
2.cynthia morgan
3. Tiwa savage
A:- Take home to momma Genevieve One night stand Cynthia Morgan, I’d probably ask her to sing for me while you know…. lol
All day with her,C. Morgan definitely. 😏Nothing with tiwa, not a fan atall


Q:- what are your hobbies??
A:- I love hooking up with myfriends, listening to myfav artist lyrics, laughing alot, and cracking dry jokes🤦🏾‍♂. Lol



Q:- What is your view on the ongoing ASUU strike??
A:- Asuu strike, frankly, I’m indifferent about it, but I really wish those affected by it the very best. What can I say. It is well.

Q:- Can you please rate Aspiring stars based on our interviews and credibility?
A:- 7 🤝 To ten

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